Creation Corner   Every Friday

There is a great bunch of funny guys who meet seriously, or try their best, every Friday at noon to discuss the Creation versus Evolution theory. That’s it. That is their agenda. So how can that be fun week after week? You’ll have to be there.

They meet at Perkins on Pine Ridge with menu items from pancakes to sirloin steak, salads, soups and a Thanksgiving plate if you prefer. They have healthy stuff if you stay away from the dessert menu but, I didn’t say you have to.

These Creation Corner guys have a ring leader by the name of Greg Harper. He has a Facebook page named Creation Corner for this important topic of getting things right. The facts are good to know, as they match your beliefs and you will laugh a couple times or more.

Greg also has a Facebook page called Salt and Light Advisory Council for more issues close to the heart of every believer.  If your heart has been calling you to act on your faith, this is a great place to start. Meet Greg and the gang every Friday at noon, at Perkins on Pine Ridge.