Neighbors Urge Compassion

…have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth. Genesis 1:28

The signs reading “Slow Speed” by the bridges aren’t enough in the Mooring Bays.

A power boat is full of spunk, too tempting to idle along in open water. Past the bridge is a sign “Resume Normal Operation.” Isn’t that an invitation to have some fast fun?

Residents are concerned for the lives of manatees and turtles. Yes, people, too, are in the bay on kayaks and paddle boards. The wake of power boats is enough to cause concern but near collisions are a nightmare no one wants to consider.

Save The Bays is a 501C3 dedicated to preserve the quality and navigability of the waters in the bays inside Doctor’s Pass. Formed to help fight a legal battle that began a few years ago, after the City of Naples deemed speed limits illegal.

It is the Fish and Wildlife Commission that governs speed limits in all the bays around Florida. In spite of all the photos provided last year and the concerns voiced for human safety, there have been no deaths that would be a deciding factor.  The Florida Wildlife Commission has agreed to install some “Slow Speed” signs possibly this fall but there will be no “Idle Speed” enforcement.

Naples Bay lost a legal battle a few years ago for Idle Speed limits but “Save The Bays” is not about to give up their fight to protect human and marine lives.

They are concerned for water quality and perform tests monthly. Save The Bays also funds a Trawling Project quarterly to identify the presence and quantity of plant and animal species in four locations in the bays.

For years, Bill Lazear produced surveys for Save The Bays depth study to check developing shoals and to predict when dredging was necessary. Now they are looking for someone willing to take control of this project. Please email your interest to

Each year this group of concerned citizens awards a Scholarship of $1,000 to a student in the Marine Sciences Department. That’s putting hope into the future.

Their website is:  and they welcome anyone who is concerned for wildlife to join their meetings. Please email your information to




Debi lives close to nature in Southwest Florida with the hope and joy of having a closer walk with the Lord God for us all. Her work as an artist, author and teacher lean toward this goal.