A Loving Sacrifice

to God Almighty

Good morning!

When we are desperate for an answer to prayer for ourselves or someone we love, to

show our sincerity, we sometimes give up a sacrifice of something, as a form of Fasting (i.e., chocolate, desserts, caffeine, television, music, social media, etc.) But have you ever considered another sacrificial offer to God, to give freely of yourself to others – the gift of love?

A true test of your willingness to give love freely and unconditionally is to show love and kindness to those you despise or for whom you have strong disdain. This may include the dirty and unkempt homeless person who begs for money on the corner every day, or perhaps that obnoxious, rude and inconsiderate co-worker or neighbor who you try to avoid at all costs. Maybe it is someone even closer to you, who you know you should love, like your mother-in-law or an estranged sibling you have not spoken to in ages because of a disagreement you had a long time ago.

Making amends and being the bigger person to initiate it, is an act of love and demonstrates to God your willingness to sacrifice yourself unselfishly. Imagine the feelings of relief and freedom from ridding and cleansing those negative feelings you have been harboring in your heart and mind. This is a freedom God wills for us.

How can you truly, fully and freely love God with your whole heart if that same heart holds bitterness and resentment toward others?  Go to your Bible and read John 13:35, John 15:12 and 1 Corinthians 13.  It’s all about having a pure, Christ-like heart! It is something I strive for daily, to have and to keep. You, too?

Have a wonderfully blessed day as you continue your anointed and appointed walk with God and strive to aim even higher to please Him and demonstrate your love for Him and ALL of His children without exception.



Mark L. Doorn, Spiritual Writer and Servant of God.  Mark is the second of three children born to Dr. Robert & Glenyce Doorn, pioneers of ministry, both at 87 years of age, have dedicated nearly 70 years of their lives to serving in the ministry and mission field, and still going strong preaching the gospel.  Mark is a longtime member of Bishop Clint Brown's Church, Judah Ministries (formerly Faith World) where he is spiritually fed and encouraged through the living Word of God.  Mark works as a Project Manager for Walt Disney World for 12 years of his career.  He previously lived and worked 25 years at a prestigious entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, CA.