Powerful Glory Gives Peace
When I think of God’s Mercy and Grace, I am deeply moved and greatly humbled, for without these priceless gifts from Heaven, I would not be here today.  On more than one occasion, His unconditional love-filled acts of Mercy and Grace have rescued me from the darkest depths of despair, the lowest levels of loneliness, and the harrowing horror of hopelessness.  When I think of His Mercy and Grace, I immediately think of a few of my favorite songs by my Pastor and friend, Clint Brown (click on the links):
Do not ever feel you have strayed too far from God’s Mercy and Grace as these precious, priceless and sustainable gifts are new every day and are always available to us regardless of our feelings of unworthiness.  When you are feeling down and out, and filled with doubt, just whisper His name, and ask Him to help, and utter these words: “I trust You, Jesus.”  You will see He will always be there for you and will come to your rescue.  His Love and Forgiveness are always available and have no limits.
Share this message with someone you know who is feeling hopeless and discouraged.  We must help each other in our times of need and love one another all the time, not just in the good times.  Offer to pray for or with someone who is struggling to survive.
May your day be abundantly blessed with much peace, joy, strength, mercy and favor!



Mark L. Doorn, Spiritual Writer and Servant of God.  Mark is the second of three children born to Dr. Robert & Glenyce Doorn, pioneers of ministry, both at 87 years of age, have dedicated nearly 70 years of their lives to serving in the ministry and mission field, and still going strong preaching the gospel.  Mark is a longtime member of Bishop Clint Brown's Church, Judah Ministries (formerly Faith World) where he is spiritually fed and encouraged through the living Word of God.  Mark works as a Project Manager for Walt Disney World for 12 years of his career.  He previously lived and worked 25 years at a prestigious entertainment law firm in Los Angeles, CA.