Grace Living

Grace leads to graciousness...from First Baptist Church Naples. "Real grace ministers graciousness and real grace can change your life and your ministry." "Peter said, "Grow in...

The Thrill of Obedience

Francis Chan brings us closer to the Light of God's love through the practice of obedient  living.

Pastor Jimmy Scroggins – Love our City

Family Church July 31, 2016 Love Our City I Jeremiah 29:4-14 1. God has a DESIGN for our city. Genesis 1:26-28 (Cultural mandate) 2. God is...

Love Your Work

A message from Bernie Cueto, teaching pastor at The Family Church, Gardens Campus.

Pastor Eric Kelly, Honor God with Your Bod, Part 4

The man with the beautiful voice, Pastor Eric Kelly of The Family Church, continues the series of Honoring  God with our Bodies.

July 4th Message from Pastor Todd Mullins

Laus Deo,, Praise be to God, for this great nation that was founded by Christian men and Christian principles.

Pastor Dan Plourde – 2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11

Pastor Dan Plourde of Calvary Church discusses the Apostle Paul's hurt and disappointment by the people within the church.

Pastor Bill Mitchell – BocaLead, Finish the Race Well

Pastor Bill Mitchell III of Boca Raton Community Church

Pastor Todd Mullins – Facing Your Giants

Pastor Todd Mullins of Christ Fellowship suggests that maybe we just need to change our perspective in light of how big our God is....

Pastor Jeff Robinson – James: Temptations

Pastor Jeff Robinson of Grace Fellowship June 19, 2016 Temptation is the desire for things off limit or good things out of season Scripture: James 1:12-18