My daughter never liked cleaning up after herself.  One day, many years ago, her dad was trying to cajole her into cleaning up the sea of toys that surrounded her, referring to our OCD friends, the Kriegers,  as an example. “Do you know why the Kreigers’ house is always so perfectly clean?” he asked, then answered the question for her.  “Because they all clean.”  Bringing his point home, he questioned her, “So what do you think we should do to keep our house that clean?” She didn’t hesitate a moment before enlightening him with what she thought was obvious, “We should invite all of the Kreigers over to our house!”

But that’s not how it works.  We don’t have to clean messes others make and neither is God calling us to clean up anyone else’s mess. Just our own. God never called the Israelites to take the laws He gifted to them and force pagans to comply with those laws. He called His people to follow His rules for their own health and well-being. He called them to distinguish themselves from pagans and live out their lives with love, righteousness and justice, as “one nation, under God.”

The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them. Ezekiel 18:20

The problem in this country is not the people. The battle is against the powers of darkness. The troops are already here and plentiful. But some assembly is required. When God’s people join hands in prayer, we will form an impenetrable bond.  Unity yields tremendous power (Gen. 11:6). Unity under God yields the greatest power available to mankind (Mat. 18:19); the power to love people out of darkness.

Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good. Rom. 12:21

God longs to continue blessing this nation, but we must first humble ourselves before Him, come together, and return to Him. We don’t have to clean up anyone else’s mess. Just our own.  His outstretched arm is ready and waiting to part the seas, provide the manna and return us to a nation that is flowing with its own milk and honey.  Our problem is spiritual depravity and the only solution is spiritual revival.

By Rhonda Krill, 2011