Many years foster a moral character or make a reckless one. Feelings of self-worth are reinforced by friends, family (biological or otherwise created), teachers, coaches, peers and heroes. That same group can stomp out a dream, degrade a fragile ego with biting words and shun until it hurts. Really, hurts.

I suggest putting a Chaplin in every school, versed in several denominations.  Clergy doesn’t have to be on the payroll. Maybe a church or several, can sponsor a compassionate soul for the office. Let this friendly and calm volunteer have an open door for anyone wishing a listening ear. Or, for someone needing Godly answers to the “why” and “how” questions.

The presence is sorely needed. I know, the naysayers will spit all over the idea, but we know, don’t we? It is a moral issue. Not all children are taught forgiveness. Some don’t know about real love.

It is the hand that pulls the trigger that needs held, before it retaliates in raging anger, lashing back at a group that left it alone. Dismissing it as waste. Let that troubled soul learn how the Creator loves all children, even that one!

Teachers can write a name to slip into a suggestion box.  School counselors and nurses are limited but they can help, too, point the way to a wayward soul with a whisper to visit that door down the hall.

Maybe the God Rep can speak at convocations or teach a class. If one sad heart can be healed, many beating hearts may be spared and saved.