“Save the lost, at any cost” is the heart of this life-giving church. With Pastor Andrew DeLong, the tall one, his arms outstretch to all. One look at the missions is proof, besides the array of classes available weekly.

First Monday of every month is a HEALING PRAYER NIGHT meeting in the Sanctuary at 6:30 beginning with Praise, Worship and anointed prayer especially for healing miracles.

Tuesday in the Sanctuary is, INVOCING THE HOLY SPIRIT led by John & Alice Landon. His number is 239-595-4690.

Also, on Tuesdays is something special for the TWENTY SOMETHINGS, meeting in the home of Christina and Davin DeLong. Call her 239-699-8190 or him 239-699-8110 to get together at 7 pm.

Wednesday is STRAIGHT UP YOUTH with doors opening in the Life Center at 6 pm but officially starting at 6:30 with the live band sound of Worship, empowering testimonies and leadership. This group will help middle and high school age kids identify and grow in their giftings. Email Jerry for more info: jerry@tlcnaples.org or call 239-776-9102.

While the kids are busy next door, the ADULTS are in the sanctuary beginning at 6:06 pm for Worship and the Word, a great way to refocus midweek.

Thursday gives something for adult WOMEN with Joyce, in the upper room and for the MEN, meet in the Sanctuary, both beginning at 6 pm, to honestly discuss real life issues.

The Food Bank is open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month between 8 am – 9:30. Come to the Life Center (building left of the church) and they have help carrying out for you.

Strong Tower Worship night is the 1st Saturday of every month at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary.

Sunday evenings at 6 pm is worship prepared by Raphael St. Louis 239-537-3829 especially for Haitians.

Even the Nursery, on Sundays has a curriculum to build a firm foundation. The Tree House Kids, ages 3-12, have special Sunday services in the Life Center for children to experience the presence of Godly Worship and learning to consistently pay attention to what the Lord is doing around them.

The Adults worship at 10:10 am with live Christian music in the sanctuary. Then, Andrew speaks and you will listen with your whole heart as he pours out his.

Coming to this country as a teenager, not able to speak the language, Pastor Andrew DeLong has come a long way. Affectionately called, the German Shepherd, he was born to American missionaries serving in Germany. His gutsy parents took Bibles across the border on a weekly basis. Their stories are worth a listen to.

You are invited most any day of the week. Even driving by is an experience as you read the wisdom on the marquee under the cross.  “Connect with the One until we become one.” Call the church for more information 239-530-2200.