Chosen by a youth pastor, trained for a season then turned loose to teach and preach, Gabe was originally a worship leader and loved it. Now, ten years later, he loves to watch the youth worship.

“Watching them grow in the Bible, and seeing the change in them,” are his most rewarding moments. Gabe also teaches his youth the method he was given to become a pastor, just for the experience. It begins with preparing a message in outline form to study first, then preparing to speak. Some are surprised when they nail it in the pulpit.

When I asked Gabe to give me some advice for parents, there was no hesitation in his answer. “Snapchat and Instagram are the two known troublemakers for the youth today. They can be led astray so easily.” He said, “Parents need to know what apps are on their kids’ phones and know the passwords to keep informed. (Beware of a fake password). If a child isn’t misbehaving, he shouldn’t have a problem sharing his password.” And that, “Parents should monitor who their kids are talking to.”

What about fun? Gabe is a firm believer in fun and makes it happen for the youth group that meets on Wednesday nights, with a variety of activities. At thirty years of age, he is knee-deep in career mode, caring about the kids, now and for their eternal futures.

Discovering their gifts and developing them, leads the youth along the right path, probably for life. Gabe has the heart to grow his people. His core value being, “living the life you preach.”

Gabe preaches and teaches at Restoration Church, 2320 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. See for more info.